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Explore Our Closing Gift

Tax Benefits

Our closing gift is considered marketing, so your total cost is 100% tax deductible

Increase Referrals

Continuous brand recognition to distinguish yourself in a competitive landscape

What's Included?

Air filters are delivered to your client throughout the year, with your branding on each shipment along with a customizable insert inside

Forever Branding

If your client continues our service after your year gift, we will continue placing your branding on their shipments forever

Lead Time

All gifts will be ready in 1 to 2 days. You can also track your orders

Easy To Use

 Uploading clients only takes a minute...We take care of the rest!

" I look at Secon Nature (formerly FilterEasy) as an investment in my future revenue. The continuous brand exposure keeps my name fresh in my client's minds "

Quentin Dane

Grow brand recognition

Generate new leads and referrals 

Turn a one time gift into a lifelong one