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July 18, 2019,       

6:30 PM - 10 PM

222 2nd Ave South

Nashville, TN 37201

Second Nature helps maximize the value you already provide.

We have experts on staff to help you build a Resident Benefits Package specific to your needs

Let's get started...

Second Nature Will:

Identify the true cost of services you're already providing and suggest other services that add value to your business and your residents. 

Cover best practices for accounting, admin, and team training. 

Reveal three different enrollment points that eliminate resident pushback.

Provide the tools and assets you need for a seamless RBP rollout. 

Why a Resident Benefit Package (RBP)?

Every week, dozens of rental property management companies are designing and deploying resident benefit packages. Why? 

Years ago, you could run a profitable business on management fees and simple core business functions alone, but things have changed.  Today, the market has shifted where many companies are offering flat fees or lower rates and bringing more value through ancillary services. They have more revenue sources which make them more profitable, or more competitive. Increasing ancillary profit also increases the value of their business as a sellable asset for those who don’t aim to be in property management a decade from now.

Single-family rental (SFR) is maturing as an asset class, and professional property management is transforming much as multi-family did before it. The time is now to adapt and thrive. 

Let Second Nature help build your RBP. 

Reach out to your trusted partners at Second Nature for assistance with creating your specific Resident Benefits Package.

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